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Revolutionizing the Way the Body Responds to Injury

Xequel’s aCT1 technology platform is designed to stimulate healing by creating an improved injury response. In healthy tissue, cells communicate with each other through gap junctions while the flow of fluid within tissues is regulated by tight junctions. In injured tissues, disrupted gap junctions can release signals outside of the cells, and destabilized tight junctions can result in edema. These implications can have detrimental effects including excessive inflammation and delayed or incomplete healing. Our proprietary aCT1 technology facilitates healing as it stabilizes gap and tight junctions to normalize cell-to-cell signaling, control the flow of fluid within tissues, and reduce harmful inflammation.

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aCT1 is designed to impact healing by:

Accelerating the
healing process

Reducing harmful

Offering complete wound healing

Providing safety and comfortable treatment


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Aerosolized aCT1

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