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Granexin® Gel


Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3


Cutaneous Radiation Injury (CRI)

Orphan Drug Designation Granted

Granexin® Gel

Radiation Dermatitis (RD)

Granexin® Gel

Investigating indications with significant unmet medical needs

Cutaneous Radiation Injury

Cutaneous Radiation Injury describes the impact high doses of radiation can have on the skin, and there are currently no drugs tailored to its treatment.

Radiation Dermatitis

Radiation Dermatitis is a common complication in over 90% of patients receiving radiation therapy for cancer. While wound dressings are available, there are currently no approved drugs to address discomfort to the patient and disruption of the treatment course caused by radiation dermatitis.

Granexin® gel has demonstrated safety and efficacy in multiple preclinical and clinical studies.

This topical treatment has been evaluated in six clinical trials for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds. 

In clinical trials, Granexin® demonstrated:

Acceleration of wound healing

Slowed injury progression

Wound closure

Consistent safety and efficacy

Revolutionizing the Way the Body Responds to Injury

Xequel’s aCT1 technology platform is designed to stimulate healing by creating an improved injury response. Our proprietary aCT1 technology facilitates healing as it stabilizes gap and tight junctions to normalize cell-to-cell signaling, control the flow of fluid within tissues, and reduce harmful inflammation.