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Aerosolized aCT1


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Acute Lung

Aerosolized aCT1

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)

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Xequel Bio’s aCT1 platform has applications across multiple therapeutic areas. We are seeking strategic partners who could mutually benefit from the use of aCT1 in their areas of expertise. At this time, Xequel Bio is accepting inquiries from partners for our pulmonology program to help bring Aerosolized aCT1 to patients in applicable indications. 

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Aerosolized aCT1

Investigating indications with significant unmet medical needs

Acute Lung Injury

In acute lung injury (ALI), the endothelial and epithelial barriers are damaged due to acute inflammation. This can be secondary to a primary infection or trauma, but the result is a high mortality rate. Given the variety of etiologies that can result in ALI, there is a unique opportunity for an etiology-agnostic approach to treating the subsequent injury in the lung.

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) results in low blood oxygen, and it is usually a secondary development by patients with other severe diseases or injuries. Given the complex patient situation, it can be difficult to identify and treat, with the primary focus being supplying oxygen. Currently, there are no available drugs specifically targeting the treatment of ARDS.

Aerosolized aCT1 peptide is an etiology agnostic respiratory therapeutic with broad potential for the treatment of acute lung injury and other conditions with unmet clinical needs.

Extensive preclinical research has been conducted across multiple models to support the safety and efficacy of aerosolized aCT1.

In preclinical studies, aerosolized aCT1 demonstrated:

Targeted delivery to the desired portion of the lung

Reduction of pulmonary edema and inflammation

Mitigation of pulmonary barrier function

Safe in preclinical studies

Revolutionizing the Way the Body Responds to Injury

Xequel’s aCT1 technology platform is designed to stimulate healing by creating an improved injury response. Our proprietary aCT1 technology facilitates healing as it stabilizes gap and tight junctions to normalize cell-to-cell signaling, control the flow of fluid within tissues, and reduce harmful inflammation.