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iNexin Ophthalmic Solution


Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3


Persistent Corneal Epithelial Defects (PCED)

Orphan Drug Designation Pending

Recurrent Corneal Erosions (RCE)




iNexin Ophthalmic Solution

Investigating indications with significant unmet medical needs

Corneal Disease

Corneal diseases can be caused by trauma, exposure, or underlying disease and consequences range from acute pain to infection and vision loss. iNexin Ophthalmic Solution is working in areas like PCED, RCE, and Fuchs’ to help alleviate corneal injuries.

Retinal Disease

Retinal diseases such as Diabetic Retinopathy impact the back of the eye and often result in retinal degeneration. They are the leading cause of vision loss or blindness. Despite progress in reducing disease prevalence, there remains a need for novel treatments that reduce patient burden and improve treatment outcomes.

iNexin Ophthalmic Solution has the potential to reduce patient burden and improve patient outcomes by regulating harmful inflammatory responses, stabilizing barrier function, and accelerating ocular healing.

In initial studies, iNexin demonstrated:

Acceleration of corneal re-epithelialization

Reduction of corneal edema and inflammation

Restoration of the ocular surface

Safe and tolerable delivery

Revolutionizing the Way the Body Responds to Injury

Xequel’s aCT1 technology platform is designed to stimulate healing by creating an improved injury response. Our proprietary aCT1 technology facilitates healing as it stabilizes gap and tight junctions to normalize cell-to-cell signaling, control the flow of fluid within tissues, and reduce harmful inflammation.