Scientific Approach

Cellular junctions: Key regulators of communication, inflammation, and tissue repair

Communication between cells is necessary for the coordinated cellular activity that drives wound healing in all tissues. Connexin43 is a protein that forms junctions between cells, allowing them to ‘talk’ to one another and strengthen ties between cells.

Strong ties and close communication between cells are essential for healthy tissue and organ function. When cells are injured, damage to the junctions formed by Connexin43 causes waves of harmful inflammation and disrupts these critical communication pathways. The bonds that tie cells together are also weakened.

Inflammation is an important part of the cellular injury response; however, excessive inflammation causes an injury to spread and intensify. The primary effect of Xequel Bio’s aCT1 peptide is to restore Connexin43 junction integrity, simultaneously promoting communication and strengthening bonds between cells. This limits inflammation at the injury site and enables a healthy injury response.

aCT1’s Unique Mechanism Of Action Creates A Predictable, Sustained, And Balanced Restoration Of Connexin43 Junctional Integrity That Allows For Optimum Tissue Repair.

Key Publications