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Pioneering the Science of Possibilities

Xequel Bio is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company transforming its proprietary alpha-connexin carboxyl-terminus 1 (aCT1) peptide technology platform to develop drugs that will revolutionize the way the body responds to injury.

Led by a proven leadership team, Xequel Bio is poised for its next chapter of success leveraging deep R&D expertise and building on a proprietary platform with robust commercial potential.

This is our Xequel.

Pioneering the Science of Leadership

“At Xequel, we combine the power of leadership with our personal conviction to pioneer meaningful science that ultimately impacts doctors and patients.”

– Jerry St. Peter, CEO & Board Director

Pioneering the Science of Innovation

Xequel Bio’s alpha-connexin carboxyl-terminus 1 (aCT1) is a new chemical entity that stabilizes gap and tight junctions and regulates inflammation at the injury site, culminating in a healthy injury response. aCT1 is an unprecedented solution that promotes healing by rebuilding healthy tissue through accelerated
re-epithelialization and stabilized tissue integrity.

Pioneering the Science of Technology

Our proprietary aCT1 technology platform has extensive preclinical and clinical research to support multiple unique applications and formulations in Dermatology, Ophthalmology, and Pulmonology.

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Pioneering the Science for Patients

We are committed to developing treatments that address unmet medical needs and revolutionize the way the body responds to injury. 


Granexin® Gel

Granexin® Gel is a topical formulation of aCT1 developed to address unmet clinical needs within the field of dermatology and wound healing.


iNexin Ophthalmic Solution

iNexin Ophthalmic Solution is an innovative formulation of aCT1 developed to address unmet needs within the field of ophthalmology focusing on corneal and retinal diseases.


Aerosolized aCT1

Aerosolized aCT1 is a preclinical formulation being developed to address unmet needs within the field of pulmonology focusing on acute injury.

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Pioneering the Science of People

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