DermatologyGranexin® gel

Granexin® gel is a topical formulation of aCT1 developed to address unmet clinical needs within the field of dermatology. Xequel Bio’s dermatology program is currently focused on three main areas: medical countermeasures, cutaneous scarring, and thermal burns. There is an urgent need to bring relief for these patients, and Granexin® gel has been developed to provide that. Late-stage clinical trials are ongoing, with multiple near-term milestones.

Granexin® gel is the flagship product of Xequel Bio, and it shows significant promise in these applications. As a company, we are excited to bring this innovative solution to market to help those who could benefit from its use!

  • Medical
    Cutaneous Radiation Injury
  • Cutaneous
    Breast Surgery
    Bilateral Anchor Incisions
    Breast Surgery
    Bilateral Mastopexy
  • Burns Thermal Burn
  • Pre-Clinical
  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
  • NDA